President’s message

January 2021

Happy Holidays everyone.  As we enter the New Year 2021 let us be thankful for our Nation and those who are standing guard protection our nation 24/7.   We are off to a new year full of hope and new horizons.  Our nation and the world have faced COVID-19.  Times have been tough on us and our families. Suicide rates have gone up due to the lock downs for a variety of reasons.  We need to continue to stay in touch with each other as we weather through this  Pandemic.  I ask each and every one of us to keep in touch and check on our shipmates.  Due your buddy check!!  It is important more so than ever.  In addition to working from home (since March 2020).  My family, classmates, retired co-workers, shipmates, and roommate from OCS (we have been friends since 1973) keep in touch via Zoom, email, and phone.  We joke and we have discussions about books and articles.  In summary we are checking on each other.

I would like Congratulate Kathy Prout was recently awarded the MOAA Distinguished Service Award for her diligent efforts to raise an army of surviving spouses and to bring social awareness to the issue resulting in a successful campaign to repeal the Widows Tax via the FY 2020 National Defense Authorization Act.  I would like for everyone to reach out and congratulate Katy Prout on a wonderful job that she has done.

Last month I downloaded everyone’s module and asking each chapter to verify and update their module.  Early this month I will be meeting with your CALMOAA Area VPs and CALMOAA Board of Directors to plan for our first Quarterly meeting scheduled for 22 January 2021.

Earlier this month CALMOAA received a request to support House Resolution Bill (HR) proposed by Congressman J. Panetta which would be asking the VA to prioritize disability claims for veterans caught up in disaster situations such as our fires here in CA.  We forward the draft of this bill to MOAA asking them to what is MOAA’s position is on HR to ensure that CALMOAA is alignment with MOAA.  MOAA responded stating they will research and get back to us.  I will be checking in with them in January for an update.  On 29 December 2020, we submitted the Lobbying Firm Activity Authorization (California Form 602) authorizing Reeb Government Relations, LLC as our lobbyist for the state of California.

It is with sad hear to announce that this year South Coast California Chapter closed due to the fact that they were down to just 5 members engaged and they are getting on age.  Before they decided to close their chapter down they did look at becoming a satellite of a nearby chapter but in the end they decided that was not feasible for them.  They are still members of MOAA and they still support CALMOAA.  In accordance with MOAA directives they turned in their charter to MOAA and they distributed their funds per MOAA instructions.  

In this case South Coast California Chapter under the leadership of Bill Reals decided to distribute their funds to the following organizations:

Semper Fi Fund

MOAA Scholarship Fund

MOAA Scholarship Fund


ROTC San Diego State ROTC

Regarding membership.  In part the way I was recruited along with others has been along the line of friendship, common bond to the organization, common service, and working relationship.  I have known Bud for a number of years.  When he called me a few years to fill a board position in my chapter.  Both Bud and I are working and he knows the time constrains I may have because of my job and he was prepared.  When I said, I work he countered and said I work too Fred.  What’s your next excuse.  From that point on almost every excuse I made he had a counter for it with a joke or two included.  Wes called me out of the blue while I was driving home from work.  He asked me to have I thought about making a contribution to my fellow veterans.  He worked on the concept of community and comradeship with fellow veterans.  His approach non-aggressive.  After I joined the Legion he also pointed out that people will join organizations and participate in activities with the understanding we scratch each other’s back in one fashion or another.  After a few months getting to know each other and the Post he warmed up to me and suggest that I consider being the Post Commander which I was able to turn down for the present.  He realized that I have been dealing with the VA for years.  He suggested that consider being the American Legion El Cajon Post 303 Service Officer and the Congressional Liaison California Delegation for Congressional District 53 for the National Legislative Council Department of California.  In turn I have gotten him to join MOAA, Miramar MOAA Chapter, and become a board member of the chapter.  I also recruited him to be a part of the CALMOAA Bylaws Committee. 

I got Allen to join MOAA and the American Legion because we have known each other for years.  Once he joined the Legion he got involved in with the Riders at another Post.  He commented that at first he didn’t think he would want to join but after a while he realized how much he missed the comrade  of being around fellow veterans no matter what service we served there is a bond.  

Which gets me to “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek.  The author of this book he talks about membership and recruitment.  He points out that the fact that people will join and be active in an organization because of their bond with the organization and/or with their fellow co-workers and friends.  I believe some the talking points discussed in this book can be used to recruit people and for them to step up and take up positions that need to be filled in your chapters.  

Marvin has working with his chapter with the understand that everyone will fleet up to the next position after X years.  It appears to be working for the greater point currently.  They also use the cloud to store their documents and they just pass the information from one person to the next one.  

I know it is easier said than done.  But it is an approach.

Music, humor, and good book have always been relaxing especially as we entered the New Year.  I hope you too will enjoy “A Un Passo Dalla Luna” (instrumental).  Please see the link these links to these songs below.  I hope you find them to be uplifting and relaxing.

A Un Passo Dalla Luna – (Violin Cover) on YouTube:

In addition to the YouTube presentation of “A Un Passo Della Luna” Victoria Linnen plays “Un Passo Della Luna” on a violin:

Please see Facebook links to MOAA Surviving Spouses And Friends (Private Group) and Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) below:

MOAA Surviving Spouses And Friends (Private Group) – Facebook link

Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) – Facebook link

Remember CALMOAA is here to help to the best of its ability.  Please reach out whenever. 

Please visit CALMOAA website it has a wealth of info about VA and TRICARE benefits, job opportunities and much more.  Please visit it often!

Stay Safe and be careful out there.

Respectfully, E Fred Green, Jr., LCDR, USN (Ret)
CALMOAA President

December 2020

Thank you everyone for a very successful Annual Meeting (virtual) this weekend.  This was the first time we ever held a CALMOAA Annual Meeting Virtually.  It was a great success.  We had more participants than we have ever had in the past. 

Saturday, (21 November 2020) morning as CALMOAA 1st VP,  I sent everyone links to MOAA websites for newsletters and websites along with CALMOAA’s website.  The briefs from the 1st CALMOAA Virtual Annual Board Meeting is posted on CALMOAA website.

California has fourth largest concentration of MOAA members.  We have a big job ahead of us to continue encouraging support of our legislative and advocacy, to keep our membership alive and growing.  We will foster meaningful community with our community (locally, state, and nationally) and to foster meaningful community engagement with each other and with our chapters.  We will continue to work on attracting new members to MOAA and to CALMOAA.  We will continue to work to welcome todays generations, surviving spouses, and future generations to join our ranks in support of our mission statement.  I have attached the current 2020-2022 CALMOAA Organization Table as it stands today.  Neal Schneider will be maintaining the organization table as CALMOAA’s Secretary.  Please keep him in the loop as your chapters change.

We have a few billets that we need to fill please reach out to me regarding those open billets.  Also please send me copies of your newsletters.

This year has been unlike any other we’ve experienced, and our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones and who have suffered the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We keep them in our thoughts and prayers and wish them the best.

Despite the unforeseen challenges this year has brought, I encourage you to focus on the best things in life. That’s what I have been doing during this Thanksgiving week and I hope you will join me in staying appreciative of our many blessings.

No matter how challenging life can be, it’s always best to stay positive and to be grateful for what we often overlook, including the importance of friends in our lives. We may not be able to get together with our loved ones as we usually do on Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reach out by phone, text messages or email to friends and family members. Take this opportunity to rekindle the types of friendships that make life so special.

CALMOAA is here to help to the best of its ability.  Please reach out whenever. 

Please visit CALMOAA website it has a wealth of info about VA and TRICARE benefits, job opportunities and much more.  Please visit it often!

All the best and Happy Holidays.

Respectfully, E Fred Green, Jr., LCDR, USN (Ret)
CALMOAA President