President’s message

December 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.  As we enter the holiday months.  I would like to celebrate it with a couple of Christmas songs from my youth.  Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like Christmas until we hear such songs like the Royal Guardsmen sing Snoop’s Christmas ; Peanuts Gang: Christmas Song “Linus & Lucy” ; Charlie Brown Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

We leave this year bright full of hopes and happiness. It is sad that we have lost some shipmates, friends, family members.  At the same time, we have seen the joy of new life and our future enter the world full of hope and joy.  Let us continue to overcome life’s challenges and nurture our future.

Next year we should have a bill number assigned to Uniform Retirement tax exemption which is being introduced by Assembly member James Ramos.  In the meantime, we need every veteran, friend, family, associate to write their state Senators, state Assembly member regarding this bill.  In addition to writing your representatives please send a letter to Assembly member James Ramos in support of this bill even though you don’t live in his district to send him letters of support, so when he’s meeting with the governor on other issues, he can tell the governor, “Hey, I got a letter from Miramar Military Officers Association Chapter voicing their support. I know they’re not in my assembly district, but hey, that you’re the governor. You should be concerned about statewide issues.”  His email address is email:  Send him a short email to James saying I’ve seen your press release, “I want to applaud you for your efforts to exempt military retirement from state income taxes. Anything I can do to help you? In your battle to make this happen, please let me know. Thank you very much”.

MOAA held a successful Southwest Workshop in San Diego on 20 November 2021.  We had some very informative breakout discussions.  Upon the conclusion of the workshop CALMOAA held its Annual Meeting (abbreviated).  Jeff Breiten CALMOAA Legislation and Kathy Prout CALMOAA Surviving Spouse spoke.  The key points that I really need everyone to take on board is everyone is a member, and everyone can assume a leadership position both in CALMOAA and their chapters.  The other point is we do not need another Uniform Retirement Tax Exemption.  We do not want to water down the bill that Assembly Ramos will be presenting.  We need all of our California elected to rally behind his bill!!

Some significant points from the meeting is MOAA has a lot of information for Surviving Spouses of on their website .  They have brochures about how to be prepared in the case of a death.  Look at the VA website and look under the presumptive conditions  and .  Review your accounts (checking, credit cards, utilities, etc. to ensure that if something happened to one it does not lock out the surviving spouse. Review your Trust and/or Will to ensure it has what you and spouse wants. Protect your loved ones!!

In addition to Advocacy, we also NEED TO ENGAGE OUR Surviving Spouses More than ever.  How little did I realize that I never provided my wife a translator or a translation book on how to speak Navy much less the VA.  Our spouses and our Surviving Spouse have always been there for us.  They bring out the best in all of us!! We can never forget our spouses.  In turn we also need to remember as an organization they too are FULL FLEDGE members and they too have a VOICE in CALMOAA and MOAA.  Every member can hold office!!  Please engage your spouse in your chapters!!!  CALMOAA Bylaws are very open, and it does allow anyone to hold a position in CALMOAA!! 

Please join “MOAA Surviving Spouses and Friends (Private Group) – Facebook.”  My wife and I are members and it has been very enlightening.  Some members of my chapter have also stated how helpful it is even if you are not a surviving spouse.  Check out it out.

Next year we will have two new Area Vice Presidents stepping up to the plate. 

Area 6 Vice President John Ryan has turned over his duties as Area Vice President to Thomas Bell. 

Area 7 Vice President Tom Brown has turned over his duties as Area Vice President to Ed Apostol.

Let us all welcome Thomas Bell and Ed Apostol as our new Are Vice Presidents.

Planning ahead.  MOAA will be making a call for nominations to the MOAA Board in January.  I believe there will be an opening for 1 Warrant Officer, 1 NOAA Officer, 2 Surviving Spouses, 4 Council / Chapter Leaders.  If you are interested please review the new MOAA Strategic Plan for 2022 – 2026 , MOAA’s Bylaws, and MOAA Resolutions

In closing let us look at Senator Daniel Inouye Medal of Honor .

Before I go, I would like to share “Just 4 Things” by Colonel Erickson, USA. 

“The learners are those people who were constantly learning and growing. May or may not be successful in any given day, but they are constantly looking for ways to improve, and the levers of those individuals who just can’t take it and give up and move on. But I don’t beat up on those people too much ’cause at some point or another we all are living both camps. How much time you spend in which camp that matters, and I’ll tell you if you want to stay in the. The Learner grower group. The best way to do it. Is to not focus on your goals, but to focus on your habits. ’cause you tell me what your habits are. I will predict your future. And the thing with habits is that you only need four or you only need 4 categories of habits. What you do within those categories is up to you, but you only need 4. Categories of habits. And if you do something in each one of those categories each day, then I guarantee you long term you will be successful.

The first category is learning. You need to be a lifetime lifelong learner. You need to have a habit of learning something every day.

The second one is service. You need to have an idea or a habit of serving others. Each day don’t have to be big things to just be a random act of kindness, a kind word, whatever.

The third thing is fitness and nutrition health. What are you doing to keep yourself healthy today?

The fourth category is hope and that is you know what you are doing to build on your faith, life or your spirituality and it doesn’t have to be religion. It could be whatever it is that you find hope in. Outside of yourself, but if you work in those four categories every day, do something. It doesn’t have to be much little stuff and build those habits. You will be successful.

Work on great habits and great things will happen. One team.”

E Fred Green, Jr.
President CALMOAA

November 2021

Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps!!

As we celebrate both Veterans Day and the Marine Corps birthday.  I understand due to COVID the Commandant has cancelled the birthday celebration this year. Please raise on in celebration of our Marines and Veterans Day.

Your board here at CALMOA has been working on Uniform Retirement tax exemption and recruitment this year.  We are getting closer to seeing a bill in this upcoming legislative year.  I cannot emphasis how important it is more than ever for us to be involved and to communication to our chamber of councils, fellow veterans, friends alike in support of this effort. 

To accomplish this goal, we need every member to be involved in the process. If you did not see and/or missed CALMOAAs September Newsletter regarding this subject, please feel free to reach out to your Area Vice Presidents.  I would like to thank those of you who have been in contact with your fellow Veterans, friends, neighbors, Chamber of Commerce, California State Senators, and Assemblymen/ Assemblywomen getting them behind us on this.  I am pretty jazzed in that San Diego Chamber of Commerce with SDMAC are establishing a collation of military councils and chamber of councils in California in support of us.  I am also happy to say the California Commanders Veterans Council has pledged to support us.  In turn we need to support them also.  As the year ends, they will be using Voters Voice in support of these four issues.  In turn Jeff (CALMOAA Legislative VP), the board, and/or I will be forwarding you the Voters Voice asking everyone to click on the link to send your voice in support of us.

  1. Remove the $5.00 fee on California Driver’s License
  2. Veterans License Plate
  3. Update Disability Veterans Property
  4. Exempt Military Taxes (this our effort)

If you do not know who your California Senator, Assemblyman/ Assemblywoman is please go to this link:

In addition to Advocacy, we also NEED TO ENGAGE OUR Surviving Spouses More than ever.  How little did I realize that I never provided my wife a translator or a translation book on how to speak Navy much less the VA.  Our spouses and our Surviving Spouse have always been there for us.  They bring out the best in all of us!! We can never forget our spouses.  In turn we also need to remember as an organization they too are FULL FLEDGE members and they too have a VOICE in CALMOAA and MOAA.  Every member can hold office!!  Please engage your spouse in your chapters!!!  CALMOAA Bylaws are very open and it does allow anyone to hold a position in CALMOAA!! 

Please join “MOAA Surviving Spouses and Friends (Private Group) – Facebook.”  My wife and I are members and it has been very enlightening.  Some members of my chapter have also stated how helpful it is even if you are not a surviving spouse.  Check out it out.

I regret to report that Leon our CALMOAA Secretary has announced that he is resigning effective 1 January 2022.  Steve Streightiff from Miramar MOAA Chapter has agreed to step up and be the CALMOAA Secretary.  Please welcome him aboard.

He will be missed. I am looking for someone to fill his billet as well as someone to fill Buds billet as CALMOAA TOPS.

Some of you know that I share speeches and jokes with some of my friends. Today while I was writing this newsletter I heard Colonel Erickson, USA talks about “Making Examples”.  In his discussion he talks about a friend of his states; “I think I might have to make an example of these individuals. Colonel Erickson’s response was, “Do we sometimes want to punch people in the face because they won’t listen? Absolutely? But we can’t do that. You can, but you shouldn’t do that. As leaders in my philosophy, my world in my mind. As leaders, we set the example. We don’t make examples of people. That’s what bullies do. We set the example and then draw people towards us. We set standards and then live beyond them to encourage people forward, not to scare them forward. ’cause trust is what it’s about, not fear.”

Here is another one he did called Survivor “Let me tell you something. I know with 100% certainty you are a survivor. How do I know that ’cause you hear my voice you made it through yesterday. You mustered the courage and the strength, and you got through yesterday. Was it pretty? Maybe not, you may have had to take a knee, but you know rest is a combat multiplier. Hell, you may have had to retreat. But retreats an offensive move to gain a tactical advantage. So regardless of how yesterday went yesterday, you survived yesterday. You got this. Have a great day.”

E Fred Green, Jr.
President CALMOAA

October 2021

Happy Birthday United States Navy!!

The Continental Navy was founded 27 March 1794 (277 years ago) and The United States Navy was created on 13 October 1775 (246 years ago)  Please see Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Mike Gilday and his wife Linda deliver their 246th Navy Birthday message to the fleet.

This is Admiral Mike Gilday’s birthday message –

“Shipmates, this year we are celebrating the US Navy’s 246th #Birthday.

The theme of this year’s Birthday celebration is “Resilient and

Ready,” which speaks to the service, dedication and strength of both our Sailors and their families.

America’s need for a strong Navy is rooted in our past and has never been more important. Indeed, providing a safe, secure, and stable maritime system is an essential part of what our Navy does every day. We are not simply the “keeper of the seas” but the “keeper of the global way of life” as well. WE are the primary guarantors of peace, prosperity, and maintain the open flow of goods on the oceans.

Through every deployment and PCS move, spouses often endure separations, as well as shoulder the day-to-day responsibilities of managing and running a household – along with their own careers. While our ships and submarines are made of steel, our Sailors and their families are the lifeblood of our force, and at the heart of our birthday celebration.

So today, for the seen and unseen responsibilities you ALL carry, and for the daily sacrifices you ALL make. Thank you.

Happy 246th Birthday, Shipmates. See you in the Fleet.

As we celebrate our Navy’s birthday.  October is our opportunity to get our state Senators and Assemblymen, Assemblywomen to communicate, socialize, and work together on submitting a bill to stop taxation.  Please see CALMAA September Newsletter email with “Talking Points: Military Retirement Tax Exemption for California”,  “Military Retirement Pay, State Tax Exemption Proposal Fact Sheet”, and Letter Template, Mil Ret Pay Tax Exemption attached and included in the newsletter.

September 18, 2021 All Hands was our kickoff to start our campaign for all of our members to reach out to their California Senators, Assemblymen, and Assemblywomen for Military Retirement Tax Exemption for California.  We will need a sponsor for this Bill, and we will need all of our members, every veteran, your friends and neighbors behind us.  Please encourage them to support the effort by writing and talking about the need.  If you do not have the template, fact sheet, and talking points (see CALMOAA September Newsletter).  Please reach out to your board and we can supply them to you.  We realize some organizations will need a Bill Number to support us.  We are working on it.  We have met with San Diego Chamber of Commerce, SDMAC, and we have started conversations with a couple of our California Senators. We also realize more than ever we do need our state behind this so that the Governor is either overruled and/or convince the state that in the long run it will not be losing money and it should pass this bill. True this has been run up the flagpole a few times, but this is the first time we have had a chamber of commerce behind us and a letter campaign asking for ALL VETERANS to join us on this effort.

If you do not know who your California Senator, Assemblyman/ Assemblywoman is please go to this link:

In principle our campaign will be applying the Butterfly Effect.  Where a small, seemingly insignificant flutters create major impacts on the world.  That is basically what the Butterfly Effect is.  We know this effect was started out as a simple thought experiment from a meteorologist, it has grown into its own branch of mathematical Chaos Theory.

It has been announced that our San Francisco (CA36) chapter has announced that it will close this year due to age and decreasing membership numbers.  On the high side Rio Hondo CA (CA31) chapter has determined that they will remain active.  They are looking at all of their members including their Surviving Spouses to be active participates. 

More so than ever it we need to REALIZE that Surviving Spouses are members of MOAA, CALMOAA, and they have a VOICE in MOAA.  Every member can hold office!!  Our Bylaws are very open and it does allow anyone to hold a position in CALMOAA!! 

E Fred Green, Jr.
President CALMOAA

September 2021

 As August comes to a close and our war in Afghanistan comes to an end our nation was hard hit with the loss of the 13 servicemen and servicewomen killed assisting in the evacuation of our citizens, allies, refugees, and interpretations who assisted our forces in Operation Enduring Freedom.  We have seen this pull our nation and our people many different ways. More so than ever we need to check on our wingman, wing woman, buddies, and shipmates who served in OEF, Desert Storm, and other operations these last 20 years.  Ensure that they know they are not alone and that we are here for them. Provide them with resources and aid them in addition to helping return.  We will need to look at if how to assist the Afghanistan refugee settle in our country and community.  I realize everyone has their own personal opinion and experiences.  Our nation assisted Vietnamese refugees settle in our country when the war in Vietnam ended.  I see us repeating that process again.  Please share any information on how we may assist them. 

As we enter September California is faced with determining if the current governor should be recalled and if he is we need to select his replacement when you cast your vote this month.  If you have not voted already.  Please encourage your friends and neighbor to get out there and vote.  Period!!

September and October is our opportunity to get our state Senators and Assemblymen, Assemblywomen to submit a bill to stop taxation.  Please see “Talking Points: Military Retirement Tax Exemption for California”,  “Military Retirement Pay, State Tax Exemption Proposal Fact Sheet”, and Letter Template, Mil Ret Pay Tax Exemption, 090121(see email attachments and below.  Please get your members to start reaching out to their Assemblymen, Assemblywomen, and State Senators via email, their website, phone calls, and/or in person.  Encourage other veterans to join us in this noble effort.  Also keep an eye open for our letter campaign to send to them.  We need your support, and we need everyone else support in this effort. Without active advocacy and support we will be lost. 

I would like to congratulate the winners of MOAA’s 2020 Level of Excellence Award and all who were submitted for the “Steve Strobridge Legislative Chair/Liaison Award” and the “2021 Surviving Spouse Liaison Excellence.

E Fred Green, Jr.
President CALMOAA

CALMOAA new mailing address:

5173 Waring Rd #355

San Diego, CA 92120 

August 2021

I am sure all of you have felt a little frustrated in life.  When we do, we all have choices to make, sometimes for the plus and sometimes for the negative. I am feeling frustration that some have felt trying to get answers to what I consider simple questions, along with dealing with people who can be pushy and aggressive in wanting their agenda first no matter what.  In addition, dealing with them we have been working with Reeb Government Relations on the best approach and to get everyone actively involved in communicating to our California Assemblymen, Assemblywomen, and Senators asking them to submit a bill to stop California from Taxing our military retirement. Every time an interested party reads and/or hears something in the news or MOAA article stating another state is no longer taxing military retirement, I get a call and/or an email asking what we are doing to stop California from taxing our military retirement that I have to address which is fine because that is what you pay us the big bucks.  In turn I will ask the individual if they want to help us.  To date none of them have responded to my request asking them for suggestions (positive).  No matter in the end I believe we will overcome. 

One of the most important tools we have is our voice and I will need each and every one of you to be engaged by REACHING OUT AND COMMUNICATE TO YOUR ELECTED OFFICALS and let them know that they need to do something.  Remember to be POSITIVE and encouraging.  Negative communications will not help us or anyone else.  You can help us by writing them, calling them at their official office in Sacramento and their local office.  Remember to be positive when you communicate to your elected official.  If at all possible, get your friends and neighbors engaged in the effort.

I have been working this issue with Jeff Breiten CALMOAA Legislative VP and Altie Holcomb (co-chair for California Advocacy).  We have reached out and briefed some of our elected officials trying to get some support from them.  Earlier this year I had reported that a California Senator from San Diego County.  At the time his office reported he is very much interested on this subject.  Recently I went back to his office to confirm that they are on board with us and that they will submit a bill to stop taxing our Military Retirement.  When I spoke to his new Veterans Affairs representative for his local office, they reported that “he is considering resubmitting his bill in September and that we should having everyone contact his office asking him to resubmit his bill again (SB-1007 or something like it).  He needs to hear from All Californians (in his area and throughout the state).” Honesty this response caught me off guard, but it did show me that more so than ever we really need EVERY VETERAN TO SPEAK and CONTACT NOT ONLY HIS OFFICE BUT THEIR OWN Senators and Assemblyman and/or Assemblywoman.  Your letter needs to be to the point, and it needs to be one page (maybe a page and a half).  Anything beyond that it may not be read.

Recently we saw VoterVoice used to great effect when we got the California State Commanders Veterans Council’s (CSCVC) campaign to make the governor acknowledge that veterans who obtained their vaccine from the VA eligible for the “Vax for the Win” (California’s vaccine incentive program).  Through VoterVoice, California’s veterans made hundreds of direct communications with the CalVet Secretary, the legislature, and the governor. 

Below is an Overview of what I presented to his office.

  • 2020 saw COVID-19 devastate local, national, and global economies. The pandemic resulted in a loss of vital businesses and services; unemployment rates rose, and communities suffered. California faced dramatic job loss and cuts in spending across all industries. However, although the region’s GDP contracted, steady military spending, sustained employment, and community support helped stabilize the region.
  • California is home to the nation’s largest military community, housing one out of every four U.S. Marines and one out of every six Sailors; and it contains a large part of Southern
  • California’s premier training ranges where more than 75% of U.S. operating military forces prepare for deployment. 
  • In FY2020, an estimated 25% of San Diego’s gross regional product resulted from military spending, an increase of 2.5 percentage points over initial projections for the year. 
  • The military maintained its level of operations throughout 2020 and, in doing so, contributed greatly to the region’s ability to endure unprecedented economic uncertainty. The region is vital to the nation’s identity and defense, and the military continues to serve as a pillar of strength for the area.
  • California is one of only 5 states that taxes military pension income. 
  • There are about 1,574,531 military veterans in California.  We have the largest military population in our nation. Followed by Texas with 1,453,450 and Florida with 1,440,338.
  • Military retirees are more inclined to not live in CA than ‘native’ retirees. 
  • A significant number have left CA and have moved into other states because of the income tax on pensions. 
  • Retirees from other states have decided not to relocate to CA for the same reason.
  • CA would benefit economically if it totally exempted all military pension benefits from the income tax, more of retirees would choose to remain in CA, and the state’s total income and sales tax receipts could increase significantly.  San Diego direct spending for FY 2020 is $33.6 Billion (a change from FY 2019 OF +5.7%) and 342,486 jobs (an increase of +7.7% from FY2019.  
  • Using San Diego as an example we will see an impact to its Gross Regional Product (GRP).
$ in millionsFY 2019FY 2020
Employee Compensation$11,929$12,341
Retirement & VA Benefits$3,557$3,688
Contracts & Procurement$16,194$17,474
Government Purchase Cards$65$67
TOTAL DIRECT$31,765$33,570
Multiplier Impact$17,789$18,779
Gross Regional Product Impact$49,557$52,369
  • There are 3,548,449 firms in California (and 252,377 are veteran owned).
  • San Diego has 293,426 (and 25,354 are Veteran Owned).

In closing as the President of California Council of Military Officers Association of America (CALMOAA) we along with other California Veterans are tired of seeing our talent leaving our state because of taxation.  There are more than 30 states in the Union that do not tax Retired Military Pay. 

In addition to taxing our retired military pay we are also concerned about the need for California to allow military personnel license and certificates to transfer from one state to California.  There is a growing number of states that allow active duty families to transfer any certification, license to the next state so that the spouse of the service member and their family can pursue their dreams.

I am sure that one of our members who is well versed economics and the Laffer curve maybe able  to provide an excellent point paper regarding taxation of our retired pay. If any of you are aware of a good approach, please reach out and help.

E Fred Green, Jr.
President CALMOAA

CALMOAA new mailing address:

5173 Waring Rd #355

San Diego, CA 92120 

July 2021

This month I was struck by Dan Wilson’s Memorial Newsletter to his chapter and by a fellow MOAA and legionary member (who was aboard the USS Pueblo (AGER-2) when it was attacked on 23 January 1968 by North Korea on and made a prisoner.

I reflected on their experience and my father (WWII USMC veteran) and my families as we celebrate the 4th of July.  When I read “The Restless Wave” by John McCain, page 3.  His comments regarding “Accumulated memories” says a volume when he talked about 4th of July parades where he said, “I had reached an age when I began to feel the weight of them.  Memories evoked by a connection to someone or to an occasion, by a familiar story our turn of phrase or song.   Memories of intense experiences, of family and friends from younger days the causes fought,  some worth it, others not so much some won, some loss of adventuress bigger than those imagined as a child, memories of my life that even then seems to me so lucky and unlucky and of the abbreviated lives of friends let been braver but not as fortunate memories brought to mine by veterans of war I have not fought but news something about what it cost them and what isn’t given them.”

As we celebrated the 4th of July with our family and friends, I too found myself looking back at my accumulated memories of my father a WWII USMC and USAF veteran of my brothers who served in the USN and the USAF as I enter retirement as take the next steps in life. Hopefully yours is a positive and optimistic.  Admire your achievements and noble qualities.  You have learned from the challenges that life brings and you successful in life.  In closing let me leave everyone with this thought “Tomorrow is the most important thing in life.  It comes to us at midnight very clean.  It is perfect when it arrives and puts itself in our hands.  It hopes we learned something from yesterday.” (John Wayne)

E Fred Green, Jr.
President CALMOAA

CALMOAA new mailing address:

5173 Waring Rd #355

San Diego, CA 92120

June 2021

June marks Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month. VA is committed to ensuring our Veterans get the help they need through treatment, benefits, and support to lead them to a better quality of life.

If you or a loved one are suffering from PTSD, VA is here to help. Learn more about PTSD and find out if you can get disability compensation or benefits if you have symptoms of PTSD:

In addition to the above the Army celebrates its birthday on 14 June.  It was founded on June 14, 1175 and it will be celebrating its 245th birthday.  The class of 1909 is sometimes called the “Class the Stars feel on”.  Of the 164 graduates, 59 (36%) obtained the rank of general, more than any other class in the history of the academy.  This class comprised of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Omar N. Bradley, Joseph T. McNarney, James A. Van Fleet, Hubert R. Harmon, Henry S. Aurand, Vernon Prichard, Henry B. Sayler, Henry J. F. Miller, Charles W. Ryder, and A. Arnim White.  Unlike other services in our history the Army has been diversified since the Civil War.  442nd Infantry, 24th Infantry, 25th Infantry, 9th and 10th Cavalry are just some of units who have left their impression in the history of the Army.

We had a great 2nd Quarter All Hands meeting this year – see link ( ) – note this is an unlisted recording of our quarterly meeting if you missed it.  At our meeting Dr Mark Ryan did a great presentation on the North Valley Military Institute.  If you are looking for something to sink your teeth into as chapter and/or personally reach out to Dr Ryan at or you can always call or text him at 323-217-4481.  General Dan Pemberton was impressed when he visited NVMI.

Stay Safe and be careful out there.

E Fred Green, Jr.
President CALMOAA

May 2021

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. In 1992, Congress designated the month of May to commemorate contributions that Asian-Pacific Americans have made to our country. Asian-Pacific Americans have fought in the U.S. military since the Civil War, and the 442nd Regimental Combat Team of Japanese Americans fought against prejudice while serving in Europe during WWII.  We honor their service.

Susan Ann Cuddy, the first female Asian-American to serve in the Navy and also its first female gunnery officer.  She also served as an instructor in both combat air tactics and the use of the .50 caliber machine gun, worked at U.S. Naval Intelligence as a code breaker, and served as Navy liaison to the Library of Congress. After leaving active duty, Cuddy served as Section Chief at the National Security Agency (NSA).  Click the link to read more about her life and achievements as a trailblazer for others #AAPI #navyheritage:

“Always Serving” – North Valley Military Institute (NVMI) reached out to us and to MOAA to see if we have a chapter in the area to be a part of them.  I realize we no longer have a chapter near North Valley Military Institute (NVMI).  But we do have the opportunity to include them in our sphere of “Always Serving” NVMI is all about helping 650 young men and women in grades 6-12 become the best they can be.  NVMI makes a huge difference to kids who are underserved, who graduate with discipline and structure that they apply to their academic and personal lives, becoming leaders of character, physically fit, good citizens, and scholars ready to succeed in college.  Dr. Mark Ryan, LTC, California National Guard, Ret is the Superintendent of NVMI.  I ask you to take a look at this article below in this newsletter.

I would also like to Congratulations to winners of the Harris Communications Award.  This year’s awards went to the following chapters.  As you know, effective communications are critical to recruiting and retention as well as keeping your members connected and engaged.  Thank you.

AliasChapterNameSubjectChapterFinal Award (ERIN)
CA01Alta Chapter of MOAADawn WylliePrint Newsletter – Communication AwardAlta Chapter of MOAA5 Star
CA07Alameda County Chapter, MOAARamona ChavezPrint Newsletter – Communication AwardAlameda County Chapter, MOAA5 Star
CA20Miramar ChapterBernard L MarstallPrint Newsletter – Communication AwardMiramar Chapter5 Star
CA20Miramar ChapterBud LichtensternWebsite – Communication AwardMiramar Chapter5 Star
CA21Monterey County ChapterRichard H BarrattPrint Newsletter – Communication AwardMonterey County Chapter5 Star
CA32Riverside March Field ChapterAltie HolcombPrint Newsletter – Communication AwardRiverside March Field Chapter5 Star
CA45Silver Strand ChapterStephen E DonlonPrint Newsletter – Communication AwardSilver Strand Chapter5 Star
CA54Hidden Valley ChapterDavid C YorckPrint Newsletter – Communication AwardHidden Valley Chapter5 Star

Remember CALMOAA is here to help to the best of its ability.  Please reach out whenever.  Please visit CALMOAA website it has a wealth of info about VA and TRICARE benefits, job opportunities and much more.  Please visit it often!

Stay Safe and be careful out there.

E Fred Green, Jr.
President CALMOAA

April 2021

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.  “We are our brothers and sisters’ keeper. We have a responsibility to protect each other and create an environment of dignity and respect for our teammates—a place free from sexual assault, harassment and any form of demeaning or dehumanizing language and behaviors.” 
-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley

This month I had the honor of briefing Aztec Army ROTC Cadets and Cadre along Dean Mallires (CALMOAA past President, Joe Boscacci, Wes Shermann, Darrlye Grimes along with various other Veteran Organizations. It was an informative event and an opportune time to inform the next generation they can join MOAA and be Basic Members for free as long as they use their home email address.  The common theme through the meeting was fellowship, family, and networking.  

Remember CALMOAA is here to help to the best of its ability.  Please reach out whenever.  Please visit CALMOAA website it has a wealth of info about VA and TRICARE benefits, job opportunities and much more.  Please visit it often!

Stay Safe and be careful out there.

Respectfully, E Fred Green, Jr.
CALMOAA President


March 2021

March is Women’s History Month; we honor the women who have served our nation and encourage all women Veterans and service members to take advantage of the benefits available to them. Women’s history month is celebrated in the US, the UK, and Australia and it corresponds with International Women’s Day.  This year we have seen Lieutenant General Laura Richardson, USA take command of US Army North as the first female combat arms general officer of a major multiservice unit.  In addition to her we have seen other women lead the way on earth and in Space.  On October 17, 2019 we saw the first all women space walk by Jessica U. Meir (who is the 14th US woman to walk in space). 

On Thursday, March 18 at 1400 Eastern, House of Veterans Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on Health Hearing: “Beyond Deborah Sampson: Improving Healthcare For America’s Women Veterans In The 117th Congress.”

This month Jeff and I talked to California Senator Ben Hueso’s (40th District) District Representative regarding SB-1007 which was the bill to stop taxing military retirement.  She heard us out and that she will present the points that we submitted to her to his team and to him.  But as announced last month the last time to submit new bills was 19 Feb 2021.  She did say this also the time to start collecting information and supporters.  In the meantime we will need to develop a fact sheet and be ready to update our presentation.  We will also need our membership ready to assist us by calling on your elected official to support the bill.  It is hoped that if we have enough support we will get past the financial committee.  We will be calling on his office around the September/ October time frame.  Jeff and I would like to say thank you for all of your support.  Note our presentation did include Surviving Spouse.

Before I close my notes from my desk if you have time please check out this touching commercial.  It is well done.  It will bring tears to your eyes and pride.  .  Food City is a Southern grocery store chain with its headquarters in Bristol, Tennessee.  This is one of their commercials.  Not a word is spoken, and none is needed.  Very few commercials deserve to go viral.  This is one of them.

On a personal note I would like to invite to Miramar MOAA Chapter meeting on 1 April at 1800.  Charlie Inot will be talking about the Miramar National Cemetery Support Foundation.

Remember CALMOAA is here to help to the best of its ability.  Please reach out whenever.  Please visit CALMOAA website it has a wealth of info about VA and TRICARE benefits, job opportunities and much more.  Please visit it often!

Stay Safe and be careful out there.

Respectfully, E Fred Green, Jr.
CALMOAA President


February 2021

February is Black History Month.  We have seen a lot change in our lifetime from Montford Point (USMC) to Jim Crow Laws to today.  We have seen and experience all of the services become truly integration in the ‘70’s in all aspect.  Black His­tory Month began in 1915, half a century after the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in the United States.  Black History Month is celebrated annually, iden­tifying the achievements of African Americans and recognition of their central role in U.S. History.  Since 1976, every President has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month.  Other countries around the world, including Canada, also devote a month to celebrate Black History and the United Kingdom.  Each year we spend time acknowledging the sacrifices, strug­gles, and successes of Afro-Americans.   We have seen changes in the work force and life in American change before our very eyes almost every day.  Some for good and some is still in work.  I have an article titled “How General Dynamics Integrated the Cape by Tom Leech.  This article talks about the impact to the Space Program that Everett Kaukonen, a guidance engineer from General Dynamics made in 1961. Please reach to me if you would like a copy of the article.

Moving on were you aware that on February 13, 1943, then Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Thomas Holcomb, announced the formation of the United States Marine Corps Women’s Reserve. Commissioned status was opened to enlisted women to take advantage of their experience, and at the same time, build morale and spirit de corps. 

Those brave women were first trained at Hunter College in New York before moving to Camp Lejeune, NC.

To be eligible, a Marine had to complete six months service, be recommended by her commanding officer, and be selected by a board of male and female officers convened at Headquarters, Marine Corps. Ruth Cheney Streeter was appointed the first director of the Reserve and was the first woman to attain the rank of Major.

On a personal note I would like to thank everyone who was able to dial into Miramar MOAA presentation held on 4 Feb 2021.  Capt Joel Stewart (from Miramar MOAA Chapter, who is currently stationed in Deigo Garcia) gave an presentation of Maritime Prepositioning Ships Squadron Two. Please go to this link of his presentation. Note the link is UNLISTED. Please share this with your membership.  In addition to this video I have a copy of his slide presentation please advise if you would like a copy of it.

I have included the Retired Activities Office Locator and Ready Reference Contact Information for your files.  Because of COVID the state of California is operating under a different schedule.  We wanted to get our elected representatives on board this year to address some bills that were proposed last year.  Unless something changes we will use this year to socialize to work on getting our elected officials address retirement pay.  In the meantime we will need you to reach out to your elected official and start educating them.  At this time we are looking at where we may have to draft the outline of what we want and to identify the State Senators and State Assemblymen and State Assemblywomen to spouse the bill(s).

I don’t remember if I mentioned that the last day in the state of California to introduce bills is Feb 19, 2021.  If memory serves me right I believe this was mentioned at the last CALMOAA Legislative meeting and/or email to the membership.

In closing I am always reminded of the poem “For The Fallen” by Laurence Binyon.  The Commanding Officer of Miramar read the 4th Stanza at a Veterans Memorial service as I was visiting my departed brother Harry (who was a Navy Corpsman).   It said, “They shall not grow old, as we are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.  At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.”

Stay Safe and be careful out there.


E Fred Green, Jr.
CALMOAA President


January 2021

Happy Holidays everyone.  As we enter the New Year 2021 let us be thankful for our Nation and those who are standing guard protection our nation 24/7.   We are off to a new year full of hope and new horizons.  Our nation and the world have faced COVID-19.  Times have been tough on us and our families. Suicide rates have gone up due to the lock downs for a variety of reasons.  We need to continue to stay in touch with each other as we weather through this  Pandemic.  I ask each and every one of us to keep in touch and check on our shipmates.  Due your buddy check!!  It is important more so than ever.  In addition to working from home (since March 2020).  My family, classmates, retired co-workers, shipmates, and roommate from OCS (we have been friends since 1973) keep in touch via Zoom, email, and phone.  We joke and we have discussions about books and articles.  In summary we are checking on each other.

I would like Congratulate Kathy Prout was recently awarded the MOAA Distinguished Service Award for her diligent efforts to raise an army of surviving spouses and to bring social awareness to the issue resulting in a successful campaign to repeal the Widows Tax via the FY 2020 National Defense Authorization Act.  I would like for everyone to reach out and congratulate Katy Prout on a wonderful job that she has done.

Last month I downloaded everyone’s module and asking each chapter to verify and update their module.  Early this month I will be meeting with your CALMOAA Area VPs and CALMOAA Board of Directors to plan for our first Quarterly meeting scheduled for 22 January 2021.

Earlier this month CALMOAA received a request to support House Resolution Bill (HR) proposed by Congressman J. Panetta which would be asking the VA to prioritize disability claims for veterans caught up in disaster situations such as our fires here in CA.  We forward the draft of this bill to MOAA asking them to what is MOAA’s position is on HR to ensure that CALMOAA is alignment with MOAA.  MOAA responded stating they will research and get back to us.  I will be checking in with them in January for an update.  On 29 December 2020, we submitted the Lobbying Firm Activity Authorization (California Form 602) authorizing Reeb Government Relations, LLC as our lobbyist for the state of California.

It is with sad hear to announce that this year South Coast California Chapter closed due to the fact that they were down to just 5 members engaged and they are getting on age.  Before they decided to close their chapter down they did look at becoming a satellite of a nearby chapter but in the end they decided that was not feasible for them.  They are still members of MOAA and they still support CALMOAA.  In accordance with MOAA directives they turned in their charter to MOAA and they distributed their funds per MOAA instructions.  

In this case South Coast California Chapter under the leadership of Bill Reals decided to distribute their funds to the following organizations:

Semper Fi Fund

MOAA Scholarship Fund

MOAA Scholarship Fund


ROTC San Diego State ROTC

Regarding membership.  In part the way I was recruited along with others has been along the line of friendship, common bond to the organization, common service, and working relationship.  I have known Bud for a number of years.  When he called me a few years to fill a board position in my chapter.  Both Bud and I are working and he knows the time constrains I may have because of my job and he was prepared.  When I said, I work he countered and said I work too Fred.  What’s your next excuse.  From that point on almost every excuse I made he had a counter for it with a joke or two included.  Wes called me out of the blue while I was driving home from work.  He asked me to have I thought about making a contribution to my fellow veterans.  He worked on the concept of community and comradeship with fellow veterans.  His approach non-aggressive.  After I joined the Legion he also pointed out that people will join organizations and participate in activities with the understanding we scratch each other’s back in one fashion or another.  After a few months getting to know each other and the Post he warmed up to me and suggest that I consider being the Post Commander which I was able to turn down for the present.  He realized that I have been dealing with the VA for years.  He suggested that consider being the American Legion El Cajon Post 303 Service Officer and the Congressional Liaison California Delegation for Congressional District 53 for the National Legislative Council Department of California.  In turn I have gotten him to join MOAA, Miramar MOAA Chapter, and become a board member of the chapter.  I also recruited him to be a part of the CALMOAA Bylaws Committee. 

I got Allen to join MOAA and the American Legion because we have known each other for years.  Once he joined the Legion he got involved in with the Riders at another Post.  He commented that at first he didn’t think he would want to join but after a while he realized how much he missed the comrade  of being around fellow veterans no matter what service we served there is a bond.  

Which gets me to “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek.  The author of this book he talks about membership and recruitment.  He points out that the fact that people will join and be active in an organization because of their bond with the organization and/or with their fellow co-workers and friends.  I believe some the talking points discussed in this book can be used to recruit people and for them to step up and take up positions that need to be filled in your chapters.  

Marvin has working with his chapter with the understand that everyone will fleet up to the next position after X years.  It appears to be working for the greater point currently.  They also use the cloud to store their documents and they just pass the information from one person to the next one.  

I know it is easier said than done.  But it is an approach.

Music, humor, and good book have always been relaxing especially as we entered the New Year.  I hope you too will enjoy “A Un Passo Dalla Luna” (instrumental).  Please see the link these links to these songs below.  I hope you find them to be uplifting and relaxing.

A Un Passo Dalla Luna – (Violin Cover) on YouTube:

In addition to the YouTube presentation of “A Un Passo Della Luna” Victoria Linnen plays “Un Passo Della Luna” on a violin:

Please see Facebook links to MOAA Surviving Spouses And Friends (Private Group) and Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) below:

MOAA Surviving Spouses And Friends (Private Group) – Facebook link

Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) – Facebook link

Remember CALMOAA is here to help to the best of its ability.  Please reach out whenever. 

Please visit CALMOAA website it has a wealth of info about VA and TRICARE benefits, job opportunities and much more.  Please visit it often!

Stay Safe and be careful out there.

Respectfully, E Fred Green, Jr., LCDR, USN (Ret)
CALMOAA President


December 2020

Thank you everyone for a very successful Annual Meeting (virtual) this weekend.  This was the first time we ever held a CALMOAA Annual Meeting Virtually.  It was a great success.  We had more participants than we have ever had in the past. 

Saturday, (21 November 2020) morning as CALMOAA 1st VP,  I sent everyone links to MOAA websites for newsletters and websites along with CALMOAA’s website.  The briefs from the 1st CALMOAA Virtual Annual Board Meeting is posted on CALMOAA website.

California has fourth largest concentration of MOAA members.  We have a big job ahead of us to continue encouraging support of our legislative and advocacy, to keep our membership alive and growing.  We will foster meaningful community with our community (locally, state, and nationally) and to foster meaningful community engagement with each other and with our chapters.  We will continue to work on attracting new members to MOAA and to CALMOAA.  We will continue to work to welcome todays generations, surviving spouses, and future generations to join our ranks in support of our mission statement.  I have attached the current 2020-2022 CALMOAA Organization Table as it stands today.  Neal Schneider will be maintaining the organization table as CALMOAA’s Secretary.  Please keep him in the loop as your chapters change.

We have a few billets that we need to fill please reach out to me regarding those open billets.  Also please send me copies of your newsletters.

This year has been unlike any other we’ve experienced, and our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones and who have suffered the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We keep them in our thoughts and prayers and wish them the best.

Despite the unforeseen challenges this year has brought, I encourage you to focus on the best things in life. That’s what I have been doing during this Thanksgiving week and I hope you will join me in staying appreciative of our many blessings.

No matter how challenging life can be, it’s always best to stay positive and to be grateful for what we often overlook, including the importance of friends in our lives. We may not be able to get together with our loved ones as we usually do on Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reach out by phone, text messages or email to friends and family members. Take this opportunity to rekindle the types of friendships that make life so special.

CALMOAA is here to help to the best of its ability.  Please reach out whenever. 

Please visit CALMOAA website it has a wealth of info about VA and TRICARE benefits, job opportunities and much more.  Please visit it often!

All the best and Happy Holidays.

Respectfully, E Fred Green, Jr., LCDR, USN (Ret)
CALMOAA President